This website has been created to publicise the Minutes of Members' Meetings, together with details of how and on what the remaining funds are being expended. Details of how the money is being spent may also be found on our Facebook page.

At a Special General Meeting of the Members on 30 January 2019, the Members agreed to disband the Charity for the reasons given in the Agenda and Minutes (see Minutes & Agendas page). All remaining funds, less any relevant expenditure, are to be used to the benefit of the garden.  Once all funds have been disbursed, the Charity will be closed.

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 As well as publicising details of how we are spending the remaining funds for the benefit of the garden (see Purchases for the Garden), we are showing photos of some of the events we held to raise the visibility of the garden to the local population and the wider area (see Events Photos). These events also became a means of raising funds which were to be spent in the garden and its buildings.

For more information on the history of the Friends, visit our History page.